Jimmy Driftwood Music Barn

Bringing you the best local talent around

About Jimmy Driftwood Music Barn

Jimmy Driftwood sponsored the building of the Jimmy Driftwood Music Barn & Folk Hall of Fame circa 1976. Glen Branscum designed and constructed the building along with his sons and a few close friends. 
Jimmy Driftwood willed the barn to the University of Arkansas, Conway upon his death. They archived his music and used the barn for classes in folk music, then put the barn up for sale at which time Glen Branscum purchased it. Glen and Nellie Branscum operated the Jimmy Driftwood Barn until his death on April 5th, 2011.  John and Peggy Chitwood bought The Barn in October, 2021 and now co-owns/manages with Nellie Branscum.
The Barn follows Jimmy Driftwood’s wishes by using local talent with traditional music. Folk, gospel, mountain, country and bluegrass music is performed by local musicians and friends from around the country.
Our show times are:
Fridays 7:00pm
Sundays 7:00pm
In addition, we will be open Bean Fest weekend October 21, 22, and 23 all 3 nights at 7.
We close for the season the weekend before Christmas and re-open the first weekend in March.

Picture Gallery

Here are pictures of our local performers that are our regulars at the Jimmy Driftwood Music Barn and Folk Hall of Fame. The performers that regularly perform at the barn are very much appreciated. Our regular performers are the best local talent around. We appreciate and are very proud to have them perform here at the Jimmy Driftwood Music Barn and Folk Hall of Fame. We also welcome new talent.

Contact Us

The Jimmy Driftwood Music Barn is located at:

19775 Hwy. 5 North (physical)
P.O. Box 1825 (mailing)
Mountain View, AR 72560

Phone: (870) 269-8042



Upcoming Events

Shows every Friday and Sunday at 7:00 PM.


Bean Festival in Mountain View October 21, 22, and 23, 2022.  Shows Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 7:00 PM.

Friends of the Jimmy Driftwood Barn